your story

Katie Elizabeth Studio consists of me, Katie, (nice to meet you!) As well as the brilliant artists I hire on to collaborate with. We specialize in lifestyle films. 

I love capturing the real, candid moments with lots of love. As each year goes by, and after becoming a mom three years ago, I realize time just keeps going faster. It’s important to capture the memories to look back on, and for you to actually be in them! Here’s looking right at you, mom!

Tell someone you love that they’re special, tell the world why your business matters to you and in turn, to us. Capture memories of your kids, dog, cat, hamster, engagement- you get the idea. You can take a mental snapshot, jot down the details in a journal, snap a picture, OR BETTER YET, film it and share it with those you love, again and again for years to come.

Can’t wait to create with you.

Katie Elizabeth